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IIMAK Announces Cost-effective Aftermarket Ink Options for Videojet® 1000 Series Product Line

31 July 2018
IIMAK Announces Cost-effective Aftermarket Ink Options for Videojet® 1000 Series Product Line

IIMAK, a leading manufacturer of printing, imaging and marking consumables, announces the release of its 1000 Series replacement inks product line, a high-quality, compatible option for the Videojet® 1000 Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printer Series.

Formulated and filled in the USA, these inks are a “pour over” replacement option that work easily on Videojet 1000 printers 1220; 1520; 1550; 1610; 1660 and 1710 and more: simply replace the current cartridge with an IIMAK cartridge when the printer calls for ink – no flushing, cleaning or maintenance required. The IIMAK 1000 Series replacement inks – which feature a cartridge that holds 200ml more ink than OEM options – offer excellent adhesion on many substrates, including metals, plastics and glass, and perform well in humid environments that typically inhibit adhesion, such as refrigeration. The inks are formulated to allow for crisp, finer-detail printing, making them ideal for alphanumeric text, graphics and barcodes. The product line also offers premium durability, a fast dry time and two-year shelf life, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.   

“Our customers have been asking for an after-market replacement ink for years that will work well with existing equipment as it saves them time and money,” says Jeanette Klein, IIMAK Product Manager - Fluid Inks. “Our inks, which have been fully tested in multiple onsite applications, will be a game changer for a variety of end users, as they will allow them to no longer be dependent upon the OEM.  IIMAK will provide superior inks at significant cost savings – as much as forty percent.”

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